No more worrying about your boat getting cleaned, paying for the work, or whether or not it will start when you go to use it! Upgrade Marine’s Management Program assures you that your yacht will always be ready.

We see time and time again what deferred maintenance does to the life expectancy of a boat and its systems. Our management program ensures that your yacht is completely taken care of, from bow to stern, so that you can rest assured that when you are on the water your boat is safe, seaworthy, and reliable. Upgrade Marine’s comprehensive yacht management program has been designed to minimize all occurrences of yacht breakdowns and system failures. Most problems on boats start small or stem from deferred maintenance and if ignored, become major problems. Our management program is designed to prevent those major issues by conducting extensive inspections, exercising all equipment and systems every month, and following manufacturers’ recommended service intervals on all of your systems so your boat is always ready for your next journey.
Each boat is different, and each boat owner likes things done differently, which is why our management packages are tailored to each boat and owner. We don’t offer different price packages that includes everything, but rather, we provide a flat-rate management fee to keep your boat in like new condition. Our program is not only cost effective but ensures that your boat gets superior maintenance on a regular schedule. This will increase your boat’s life expectancy and will give you a great yachting experience whenever you take your boat out to sea. All our services are done only by licensed and insured companies that are well known for the best service and quality in San Diego. The idea of our program is not to save you money each month, but to ensure the little things are done right, and that there is zero-deferred maintenance items on your boat.

Upgrade Marine’s Yacht Management program is designed to minimize breakdowns and increase the life expectancy of your yacht and its systems by inspecting, exercising, and servicing all systems each month the professional captains way.
-Captain Brian Perrin